Michell Lie | Biography

Michell Lie is a self-taught ink drawing artist focusing on using broad brushstrokes and 0.05 fine liner pens and other colour mediums. Most of her abstract work is a combination of thick care-free ink brushstrokes and a mass of ink dots wherein the technique is known as pointillism, giving her art a unique dimension and texture. Her style is oriental with a twist that appears contemporary and Western, like the influence she receives when she resided in both San Francisco and Boston which are both cultural hubs of the States.

The mission of Michell's art is powered by her compassion for Hong Kong's elderly. The art project aims to redistribute resources within our community to collect funds for this population who deserves more respect, attention and comfort to honour their contribution to the society. Over half of her revenue will be donated to St. James' Settlement elderly program – a non-governmental charitable organisation in Hong Kong with more than 60 years of history.