Ho-yoon Shin | Biography

Shin Ho Yoon was born in Seoul, Korea. He graduated from the Sculpture Department, Chosun University, Gwangju, Korea. Being the winner of Silver Medal in sculpture in Salon Des Beaux Arts in 2017, and the Silver medal winner of the Republic of Korea Paper Art Contest in 2011, Shin has proven himself to be a formidable papercraft artist who transforms mere paper into spectacular entities.

While Shin works predominantly in the realm of portraiture, he cites a wide range of influences, spanning over religion, politics, and most notably, his surrounding environments. Notably, Shin’s work draws influences from myriad Buddhist, both aesthetically and conceptually. He notes that the simplicity of his subject’s appearance is “inspired by Buddhist art, which he finds to be calming and meditative.” He is very much intrigued by the tranquillity and emptiness represented in Buddhist representations.

“Looking at a solid body made up by several layers … we get to know that the system of the body is organised rather dangerously than strangely, and the system looks like the contemporary society. Its vacant surface and inner void are being filled with our inherent images to completion. At the end, it’s a story about the situation and a point where we fill a surface that doesn’t exist, attempting to console and satisfy ourselves.” Shin says.

Lightweight yet loaded with substantial concepts that enfold meditative states and experiences, his sculptures convey a conceptual undertone. Shin invites his viewers to revel in, and even to celebrate, the sculpture’s aesthetic qualities.

In December 2017, Shin was awarded the Silver Medal in Sculpture discipline by the National Society of Fine Arts during the exhibition of Fine Arts 2017 Carrousel du Louvre in France. His works have been widely collected among private corporations and public organisations, including Gwangju Museum of Art in Korea, Sofia National Art Gallery in Bulgaria, the Le Meridien Zhengzhou in China, Lester Marks’ Collection in the U.S.A., and National Gallery in Thailand.